Since the time he sat down in front of a television to watch old movies with his mother, Don has been fascinated by moving pictures, but more importantly inspired by the look and the feeling of what was on the screen. He became enamored with the 20’s and 30’s so much so that he even learned the dance styles of the time period and traveled around the globe to teach them.

His penchant for imagery has been the guiding light for his eye on set. From old silent comedies and film noir, to classics science fiction and fantasy, he is not afraid to draw inspiration from the endless library of cinema stuck in his head and bring those images into reality.  This makes Don a very effective concept-based stylist as he strives to make the images in the clients head as clear as if there was movie screen in front of him.

Don honed a more global view of fashion having studied and worked in Paris as well as plenty of travel abroad.  Now, based out of New York City, Don uses his trained eye and sense of elevated aesthetic to create not just a look but a feeling to the images.  Clean, Elegant, and Sophistication is what he brings to the job as well as a professional and positive attitude on set. 

Interested in hearing more from Don, follow him on Instagram at donweststylist or his mens fashion blog here 



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